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This tooth-colored restoration repairs your child’s teeth!

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Composite filling

What are dental fillings?

Dental fillings are a type of restoration and are recommended to repair minor to moderate tooth damage such as that caused by a cavity or minor fracturing or chipping. Our dentists and team use only composite, or tooth-colored, fillings to ensure a strong final result as well as a solution that blends in with your child’s smile.

How are dental fillings provided?

Fillings can be provided in just one visit to our dentists! We will first clean your child’s tooth, removing any damaged or decayed tooth tissue, and then fill the area with the filling material. The material is then shaped to match the natural contours of your child’s tooth and then hardened to create a long-lasting restoration.

How do fillings benefit my child?

Fillings prevent your child from needing a more invasive or extensive treatment. They also “fill in” the damaged portions of the tooth, restoring its shape, appearance and strength so that your child can continue to use that tooth.

Composite filling


Composite dental fillings can restore your child’s teeth and smile! Our skilled children’s dentist may recommend this tooth-colored restoration if your child develops a cavity or sustains other minor tooth damage. If you have any questions about composite dental fillings or would like to schedule an appointment with our team, call Dentistry and Braces Group today.


If your child has minor to moderate tooth damage, our dentists may recommend a dental filling to repair and restore the tooth. Fillings are typically used to treat teeth damaged by cavities or by fracturing or chipping. They work by literally “filling in” the damaged tooth, restoring its structure and shape to return your child’s smile to good health. Dental fillings are often an excellent choice for restoring damaged teeth as they are more conservative than other treatment options and will help preserve more of your child’s tooth structure. Your child’s filling may be made of silver amalgam or of a tooth-colored composite material.

A dental filling can usually be placed in just one visit. Our dentists will start by removing any damaged tooth material from your child’s tooth, thoroughly cleaning it to remove all traces of decay. The damaged portion of the tooth will then be filled with the filling material and shaped to match the contours of the tooth. Our dentists will then harden the filling and polish it to provide a lasting restoration.

To learn more about children’s dental fillings and make your child’s appointment with our dentists, please contact our office today. We are committed to helping your child regain a healthy smile!

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