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Adolescent braces

When should adolescent treatment begin?

Adolescent orthodontic treatment usually begins between the ages of 11 and 15. Most of your child’s permanent teeth should have erupted by age 12, so any orthodontic problems can be easily diagnosed and a treatment plan created. Our orthodontists will monitor your child’s oral growth and development following their initial orthodontic checkup at age 7 to determine when their adolescent treatment, or Phase Two treatment, should begin.

What is the benefit of adolescent orthodontic treatment?

Teenagers are still growing, making it easier for our orthodontists to guide proper jaw growth and move their teeth into the correct positions. When we provide orthodontic care for teenagers, we can take advantage of growth spurts to shape their bite, and your teenager’s treatment time will likely be shorter than that of an adult receiving the same type of care.

What types of braces do you provide?

Our orthodontists and team offer several types of braces, including traditional metal braces, ceramic “clear” braces and gold braces. We also offer Invisalign® clear aligners. We will discuss each type of treatment with you and your teenager to find the right treatment option for your teenager’s needs.

Adolescent orthodontic treatment


We are dedicated to helping your teenager achieve a beautiful, confident smile that they can enjoy throughout their life. When you bring your teenager to our office for treatment, our orthodontists will work closely with you and with your teenager to design a treatment plan that can achieve their smile goals. To make an appointment and learn more about adolescent treatment, call our office today.


The teenage years are an excellent time to receive orthodontics! Our dentists and team understand that teenagers are busy with a number of activities, from school, friends and dating to sports and other extracurricular activities.When you bring your teenager to our office, we will work with them to find the type of orthodontic treatment that is right for their needs and will help them achieve a beautiful smile. From traditional metal braces to more discreet alternatives, we are dedicated to providing your teenager with the high-quality care they deserve.
There are many benefits to receiving orthodontic treatment during the teenage years, including:

  • A reduced treatment time.
  • A lower chance that tooth extraction will be needed.
  • The ability to preserve space for any unerupted teeth or make room for crowded teeth.
  • Preserving tooth health.
  • Minimizing potential damage to protruding teeth.
  • Stimulating jaw growth to restore facial symmetry and aesthetics.
  • An easier overall treatment as teeth and bones can be more easily moved into their optimal position.

We invite you to call our office today to schedule your teenager’s appointment and learn more about the benefits of teen orthodontics. We look forward to helping your teen achieve a beautiful, healthy smile!

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