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If you struggle while receiving dental treatment, general anesthesia may help you.

Questions & Answers

General Anesthesia

What is general anesthesia?

General anesthesia induces sleep and makes it easier for our dentists and team to provide the dental care a patient needs. It is most commonly inhaled through a mask or injected into the hand or arm.

When is general aesthetes recommended?

  • A patient cannot relax enough to safely receive treatment
  • Extensive dental work is required
  • A patient has a disability or special needs and cannot comply with the directions they are given

Will I be in pain after my surgery?

General anesthesia is typically paired with a local anesthetic to keep the individual comfortable after the anesthesia wears off.

General Anesthesia


Our experienced dentists may recommend general anesthesia to help you receive the treatments you need in complete comfort. Also known as hospital dentistry, this form of sedation is provided for patients who need to be unconscious in order to receive care. Contact Dentistry and Braces Group today to learn more and schedule an appointment.